Born in Cucuta, Colombia, July 1945, Jose Antonio Fortuna Gomez, Italian Father Jose Antonio Fortuna, Venezuelan Mother, Lilia Gomez. Chilhood of artistic inquietudes and creativity. Theatre, singer,dancer and leader of cultural and artistic events in school. Adolescent, bad student, continuing his artist inquietudes taking him to television and starting his first art piece in wood carving and oleo. He also started in high risk sports (parachuting and tae kwon do) free spirit and mind. He took half semester of architecture but he did not enjoy mathematics. He was right hand to architects, logical and detailed in designs for models for housing. He opened his studio and first furniture factory were he created his own designs, signed. He received guidance from Bernando Borda and David Manzur, David was trying to teach him that when you paint you have to be emotionally neutral. Antonio did not agree. First individual exposition 1978, Salon XX, Banco of Colombia. Ocre Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela with 30 pieces. Individual expositions and collectives. Majority of his art are sold to art collectors. His thoughts: "It is within art and design the desire to live eternally and inevitable physical end come together, in his mind." His paintings are created under emotion and instinct, without any of the patterns or specific techniques that mark the conventionalist. "I am not in the world of art to compete with anyone, just to be a philosopher with my brush. All of my pieces are identified with my signature and human silhouttes. They are my eternal companions, at times. He paints with rhythm to express something from within conscious or not". I would like to be remembered as a person that wanted to express human feelings on a canvas.